Cortland Ave.

This is a completely new house in an established urban neighbourhood on a subdivided lot. The owners wanted a small retirement home fully equipped with the best sustainable products relative to their urban location. The new home is 1400 square feet, 2 storeys, with finished basement. Specific features include:

  1. basement walls are made from insulated wood/concrete blocks
  2. R40 insulation in walls and roof
  3. R9 triple glazed windows
  4. ground source heat pump for winter heating & summer cooling
  5. DHW tank with heat exchanger can draw hot water from heat pump circuit in winter season
  6. grey water heat recovery to DHW tank
  7. wood burning stove and masonry thermal mass supplemental heating on main floor
  8. ERV air heat recovery unit with summmer dehumidification coil
  9. sustainable finishing materials
  10. rainwater collection for non-potable home use
  11. high efficiency plumbing fixtures
  12. high efficiency appliances
  13. recycling building materials on site



Summer 2011 Front Elevation


icynene 1

Icynene foam insulation installed October 2005


floor htg

Under Floor Heating Tubes in Basement September 2005


mech 1

Hot Water Storage Tanks and Domestic Hot Water Heater (foreground) April 2006


mech 2

Heat Pump on Left, and Fluid Lines from Ground Source Wells (two white lines)

April 2006

Living Room with Wood Stove



Bamboo Floor