Hugh Garner Co-op

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With a 23,000 sf footprint, the Co-op occupies the equivalent of a city block. The roof of the Co-op has 3 distinct areas: the North Roof (over the 8th floor units) is approx. 12,000 sf and the Pavilion Roof (over the 8th floor Party/gardening/laundry/children’s play room) is approx. 2,000 sf – neither are accessible to tenants; the 8,000 sf South roof is accessible from the North and Pavilion areas providing outdoor amenity space for the tenants. After new roof membrane systems are installed, an extensive green roof is planned for the North and Pavilion roofs, while an intensive green roof is planned for the South roof. Main benefits include, thermal protection for upper floors, reusing existing roof terrace materials, capturing storm water for use in cooling the whole building during the summer months, and solar panels for use in pumping rain water and operating roof lighting systems.

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