Inglewood Drive

  • 1224 Inglewood 93TEST
  • 1224 202-Inglewood-31
  • 1224-202-Inglewood-69
  • 1224-202-Inglewood-42
  • 1224-202-Inglewood-50
  • 1224 202-Inglewood-04
  • 1224-202-Inglewood-77
  • 1224 Inglewood DSC01814 E1449000027429
  • 1224-202-Inglewood-64
  • 1224-202-Inglewood-53
  • 1224-202-Inglewood-88
  • 1224 Inglewood DSC01804 E1449000040622

This is a full house renovation in Moore Park, completed in August 2014.  Along with gutting this 3500 sq. ft., 3 storey house, we added a 2000 sq. ft. addition and rebuilt the whole roof structure, leaving only 3 original walls and 30 original floor joists. We kept the traditional feel on the outside while creating a contemporary feeling on the inside. This 4 bedroom home has radiant floor heating, a craft room, large lower recreation room, office, walk-in pantry and a beautiful exterior living area with a pool and integrated hot tub, built around a 4ft diameter oak tree in the middle of the backyard.

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