Portfolio Category: Green Roof

Bowman Street

The 2,500 sq foot detached house, in Toronto’s historic Cabbagetown, replaces an 1875 house, listed with Heritage Preservation Services for its exterior woodwork. Given the neglected state of the original building, the City gave permission to have the front façade “replicated” instead of “restored”; the paneled front entrance, protected by a later porch addition, was…
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Sackville Place

The Green retrofit by Monica E. Kuhn of her office is a demonstration of what can be done using readily available modern construction systems. Zero fossil fuels consumed for heating, an 80% reduction in heat consumption, designing for greater use of passive air ventilation, and roof gardening are a few of the new features in…
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Hugh Garner Co-op

With a 23,000 sf footprint, the Co-op occupies the equivalent of a city block. The roof of the Co-op has 3 distinct areas: the North Roof (over the 8th floor units) is approx. 12,000 sf and the Pavilion Roof (over the 8th floor Party/gardening/laundry/children’s play room) is approx. 2,000 sf – neither are accessible to…
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