• Sharon Drive

    Sharon Drive

      This is a full house renovation and rear 2 storey addition to a traditional tudor style home in Leaside,…

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  • Broadway Avenue

    Broadway Avenue

    This is a full house renovation near Mount Pleasant and Eglinton, completed in 2019.  Along with gutting the existing 2…

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  • Bamboo Grove

    Bamboo Grove

    This 2 storey detached house in North York, with an integral 2 car garage, replaces an existing 1970’s back split. …

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  • Sackville Restoration

    Sackville Restoration

    This is a front fascade heritage restoration of a pair of 1889 Cabbagetown homes.  Work started in 2017 by completely…

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  • Eastmount Avenue

    Eastmount Avenue

    A Toronto Danforth renovation.  The client wanted to stay in the neighbourhood so opted to redesign their home.  Dramatic colours,…

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  • Forest Hill Road

    Forest Hill Road

    A renovation and addition to a Forest Hill Spanish Colonial home.  The original heritage of the home was preserved as…

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  • Mulmur Country Home

    Mulmur Country Home

    This is a new sustainable vacation home situated in the hills of Mulmur Township.  The building is located to maximize…

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  • Buckingham Street

    Buckingham Street

    A Toronto home where the clients decided to renovate and maximize their space.  Monica, the interior designer, contractor and cabinetry designer…

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  • Owen Sound Cottage

    Owen Sound Cottage

    This new four season cottage near Owen Sound was designed and built as the replacement of an older frame cottage…

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  • St Hilda’s Avenue

    St Hilda’s Avenue

    This renovation of a two storey detached house was designed to create a flexible, open concept ground, with improved views…

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  • Sackville Street

    Sackville Street

    This project is the grand renovation and restoration of a Cabbagetown icon.  Monica worked with James M. Davie Design and…

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  • Bowman Street

    Bowman Street

    The 2,500 sq foot detached house, in Toronto’s historic Cabbagetown, replaces an 1875 house, listed with Heritage Preservation Services for…

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  • Montrose Avenue

    Montrose Avenue

    This project is the contemporary renovation and third floor addition to a three storey, semi-detached house in a changing downtown…

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  • Windermere Avenue

    Windermere Avenue

    This is the contemporary renovation and rear second floor addition to a two storey, detached house near High Park.  The…

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  • Inglewood Drive

    Inglewood Drive

    This is a full house renovation in Moore Park, completed in August 2014.  Along with gutting this 3500 sq. ft.,…

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  • Walmsely Boulevard

    Walmsely Boulevard

    This contemporary urban renovation of a three storey, detached house was completed February 2012.  After gutting, the house was reconfigured…

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  • Sackville Place

    Sackville Place

    The Green retrofit by Monica E. Kuhn of her office is a demonstration of what can be done using readily…

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  • Lyndhurst Avenue

    Lyndhurst Avenue

    This new house in an established urban neighborhood was designed to accommodate private chamber music concerts for 80 to 100…

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  • hughgarnercoop-11_fall_south_600

    Hugh Garner Co-op

    With a 23,000 sf footprint, the Co-op occupies the equivalent of a city block. The roof of the Co-op has…

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  • Cortland Avenue

    Cortland Avenue

    This is a completely new house in an established urban neighbourhood on a subdivided lot. The owners wanted a small…

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  • Carlton Street

    Carlton Street

    This is a historic Cabbagetown brick row house that has undergone a complete gut and renovation, including the removal of…

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  • TRCA-r1-adj-blvd_crp_500

    TRCA/DX Archetype House Design

    Monica E. Kuhn, Architect Team Concept Home wins 3rd Prize, "Best Visual Presentation Award" The award was presented at the…

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