Rosie Shephard is an artist who works out of Toronto, Ontario. Her main medias are watercolour, pencil/pen, and digital photographs. She paints a range of subjects including residential houses, commercial buildings, landscapes, and gardens. Most recently, Rosie has been creating watercolour portraits of historical Cabbagetown buildings and houses. She sells prints of her original paintings and does commissions by request. Rosie has also sold her work during the Cabbagetown Festival since 2011.


These are watercolours created by Rosie from the years 2011-2019.


This is a watercolour portrait of the Necropolis Chapel in Cabbagetown.


This is one of Rosie's first watercolour commissions - a house in the Riverdale area (notice the dog peeking through the ground-floor window).


This painting was commissioned to showcase a newly restored Cabbagetown house.


This painting portrays the historical "Simpson House" in Cabbagetown's Riverdale Farm.


This is another Cabbagetown commission that showcases one of Cabbagetown's classic red brick houses.


This was a painting commissioned by the Cabbagetown Preservation Association for the 2015 Peggy Kurtin Award for Excellence in Restoration.


This painting was another commission from the Cabbagetown area - the homeowners wanted special attention paid to the extensive gardens.


Another Cabbagetown commission, this painting showcases a beautiful garden and a newly restored house.


This painting was commissioned by the Cabbagetown Preservation Association for the 2019 Streetscapes in Bloom Award.


This painting was another piece commissioned by the Cabbagetown Preservation Association for the 2019 Peggy Kurtin Award for Excellence in Restoration.


If you are interested in having Rosie paint, photograph, or draw something for you, please contact her to confirm the subject(s). She typically paints on paper sizes of 5.5x8.5, 9x12, and 13x17 inches.

Rosie can also arrange for the original painting to be scanned professionally. Once scanned, greeting cards and prints of various sizes can be created. The costs of the scans, prints, and cards are added to the quote. Please get in touch with Rosie to discuss print and card sizes.

Also, Rosie loves to add small custom details to paintings. For example, you or a family pet can be cleverly included in the original painting.

To contact Rosie about a commission or prices, please use the contact information below.



phone number: (416)-923-9034

If you have any questions about Rosie's commissions and pricing, please call or send an email.

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